OmniSports is a sports agency that prides itself on building close working relationships with all of its clients and affiliates. By offering a premium service that is accessible 24/7, our clients can concentrate on progressing their careers safe in the knowledge that OmniSports has them covered off the pitch. We aim for strong and long lasting relationships and provide a tailor fitted service to each client individually to ensure this.

At OmniSports, we have 4 guiding principals, namely; Cast Iron Integrity – Delivery on Trust – Maximise Ability – Enhance Lives. These are present in every action we take.
Underpinning these guiding principals is the vision we have for the Company, which is; 
“We are driven to be the most elite agency. We relentlessly work to ensure that we enhance the career and the lives of our clients.”
Players; need to maximise their potential and perform at the most elite level, through continuous development and professional behaviours.
OmniSports; the most trustworthy, hard working group of professionals who pride ourselves on always delivering for our clients.
Network; enhance an unrivalled network and strive to grow our formidable results and reputation in an evolving environment
This vision is implemented every single day, with every single interaction at club/player etc level.

James Featherstone and his team were instrumental in ensuring that I was able to have the career that I wanted to. Never did I doubt their work ethic and professionalism. I would recommended them to any player wanting to succeed in football.

William Gallas