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We Cover

Mental Health
Contract Negotiations
Player Profiling
Stakeholder Management
Financial Planning
Events Organisation
Creating Interdependence
Maximising Playing Level


These are present in every action we take.

  • Cast iron integrity
  • Delivery on trust
  • Maximising ability
  • Enhancing lives


OBJECTIVE – Maximise Ability, enhance Lives.

STRATEGY– 360 Support, based on player needs.

TACTICS – Create a world leading player support department.


Chris Smalling

“I never really thought about or appreciated agents before OmniSports but the change to my ‘career efficiency’ has been like night and day since joining the team. They really do what they say and they’ve motivated me to do more with my footballing career than just play football. It’s exciting!”

Chris Basham

“The lads at Omni have been great! I have been with them through the ups and downs of my career. The thing that I like most about Omni is that they keep me informed with what’s going on with everything every step of the way, so I never have to worry.”

Neil Etheridge

“The ups and downs to my career are no secret, OmniSports have stood by me through thick and thin both on and off the pitch and we have worked hard as a team to fulfil my ultimate dream, playing in the Premier League.”